Lament of the Noise Makers

I will be constructing a string machine called Lament of the Noise Makers at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff as part of the Experimentica Festival. The space will be open from 2pm – 10pm on Monday to Wednesday finishing with a destructive performance on Wednesday evening at 9.30pm.

It consists of a shambolic orchestra of things: Buzzers, Konks, Crashes, Horns, and Animals, controlled by a wardrobe and animated by a conductor who has wandered in from an entirely different concert . The machine will be Constructed from the detritus of shows once performed, in process, and never realised.

Please visit the link to Chapter (opposite) for more information.

I have a lot to report from what is the first year of my part-time PhD at Aberystwyth. This blog has been somewhat neglected so I have some catching up to do. I intend to return to several key moments of practice and the papers I have given from the past year to bring it up to date. These include:

Performing The Galapagos Man at the NRLA (Tramway Glasgow)
The string machine Meret which was constructed as part of an Artist Residency at Theatre Materials/Material Theatres CSSD London. And the accompanying paper Object as Postdramatic Gesture.
A paper on Theatre Machines given at the Conference Objects Of Engagement, Royal Holloway, London.
The building of the string machine Lament of the Noise Makers in the Foundry Studio, Aberystwyth.
The forthcoming performance of a version of Lament of the Noise makers at Experimentica, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.

Each one of these moments of practice and theoretical papers are being treated at as individual ‘etudes’ (Cabinets for the case of exhibition) for my ongoing thesis, which as expected has gone through several stages of refinement since my last report.


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