Colloquium on Artistic Research in Performing Arts: Theatre Academy, Helsinki


I have had a paper accepted for the forthcoming Colloquium on Artistic Research in Performing Arts at the Theatre Academy, Helsinki  in November My paper will consider the practical and theoretical dynamics of a practice based PhD in performance through a selection of the objects that populate it. By thinking through specific objects as material triggers to specific moments of practice I will consider the transformational potential that objects have within moments of theatrical exchange as well as locating boarder questions of how the subjective individual is situated within a practice-based project.

 The objects range from utilitarian items such as a bowling ball, wardrobe and bird cage, to more complex things, like an electric organ, paper hands and stuffed animals. All constituting my own rolling prop store – an autobiography of theatrical objects.  I will be thinking through these objects as a bridge to the wider contexts of practice based research drawing upon the altered theorectical framework of my PhD, of which I will post upon the blog in the coming weeks and the parallel disciplines of Material Culture, Object Studies and what might be defined as Thing Theory.



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