Garage Band: Week 4

61 Conduit Place, St Werburghs, Bristol

We are four weeks into the production process of Garage Band for Mayfest 2012 and it feels like we have come to a stage where one phase ends and another begins. These natural breaks in the making process often come unexpectedly and unplanned but are reassuring when they happen.

When I am making a show I often think that it is not moving quickly enough – it is not ‘right’ – we should be further along. Then, without fanfare, a major step is made and we find ourselves in a clearing for the next sequence of the process to start. I always have to remind myself that these instances happen only because of the work done before. Nothing is wasted or unnecessary. Every action, repetition, or pragmatic step supports these moments of clarification, it makes them possible.

For us, the finding of a garage space has been a significant aspect of this step. I always knew that the garage would do a lot of the work in the show and our job would consist of gradually adding and subtracting elements to fuse with it. As soon as we moved our rehearsal set-up into the space my perception of it changed. For me, none of the elements (text, music, objects, action etc) can ever be complete or finished until the moment of performance (and maybe not even then). It is as if each element pushes against another, a little bit at a time, until you reach some kind of certainty about how they work together. The sound pushes against the objects and some are lost or transformed according. The objects push back and the action is altered in response. The space transforms everything and everything transforms the space.

I think the key to this is patience. We must keep the total set up in view, recognise when these moments happen and wait for the next clearing to show itself.


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