Description of a Door








Last night I presented the first Staff talk in a series currently underway at the Fine Art department in the Garage Studios at Worcester University. The talks are all responding to a short extract ‘Description of a Door’  from Bruno Latour’s essay,  Where are the Missing Masses? The Sociology of a few Mundane Artifacts that can be found in the Object Reader.

My contribution was called A Description of a Door in Six Parts and centred around the garage door of 31 Conduit Place, the space used for Garage Band. The six parts were: 1. 31 Conduit Place; 2. Garage Band; 3. The Memory Machine; 4. The Humility of Things; 5. Object Speed; 6, Objects Think

Using the door as a curtain, as a screen to close down the image and start again, was a great structuring device to rethink the materials and activities of the performance. You can read more about it on the Fine Art Worcester Blog here

Here is the first part:

31 Conduit Place

A Door
This Door
Royal Blue
Up and over
Spring mounted
White chips
Turning handle
Lost key
Drilled holes
Security Screws
A desk
A Room
A Garage
An old pub
An old pub still open
A Blossom tree
A Wheelie bin
Zion Dub
A mural to John Peel
A park
The turning off the motorway
A leaning wall
A packet of monster much crisps
Bent metal posts
A dog called gabba
Friends on the driveway
The same phrase repeated
Boxes of microchips
Escape to New York
A Pair of plaster dogs
A self-levitating football
A flump
A giant bottle of tomato ketchup
A ginger wig
A beer hat
Mexico 86
A dart board
An umbrella
A dreaming cat
1000 party poppers
It comes and goes
It comes and goes
A packet of frankfurters
A smoke machine
Five plastic figures
A funnel full of marbles
A ghost busters car
Avengers comics
A square of carpet
An expanding alien head
A Band
Strange music
The handle turns
I remember this